Halloween Treats: 7 Up, Sunkist, A&W Root Beer Halloween Soda Cans

The following does not constitute an endorsement of any product or retailer.   It is for information purposes only.

Soda companies and Halloween go back a long way…  7-Eleven Halloween cups, Gas Station Monster Glasses, Pepsi Universal Monsters…  In recent years, pop makers have found a new niche in the Halloween market – the mini soda can.  And while they have been producing a variety of cool designs for Trick-or-Treaters for the past few years, we felt that this year’s designs rocked the haunted house.

This year, Dracula, Frankenstein, and the Werewolf are the stars of the 7 Up (Dr. Pepper) Company’s Halloween Cans.  Frankenstein adorns the green 7 Up cans, while Dracula makes a splash on the Sunkist cans, and the Werewolf is having a howling-good time on the A&W Root Beer cans.

So whether you hand out these mini-sodas to Treaters, serve them up at parties, or indulge in their spooky goodness all by yourself, you may want to take a look at the spooktacular designs this year.  We found these ones at Target.  What other Halloween treats have you stumbled upon this year?

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