Spook Spotter: Don Post Studios Halloween III (Silver Shamrock) Masks

The following does not constitute an endorsement of any product or retailer.   It is for information purposes only.

It’s a last “Hoorah” for the most famous mask-maker of them all, Don Post.  Don Post Studios was recently dissolved when part of its parent company merged with Gemmy Industries.   While the fate of the delightful mask molds remains uncertain, one thing is clear: This is probably the last time we will get to see the “most famous masks of Halloween,” at least from their original creator.

Those masks, of course, are the Big Three from Halloween III: Season of the Witch.  While the film has received mixed reactions since its release, the masks have endured the test of time and have become almost as symbolic of the season as pumpkins and black cats.  These reproduction masks are a little different from the originals.  First, they are made of vinyl – not latex.  This means, they are not subject to the same hazards and could last longer, assuming they are treated well.  The next difference is the size and the paint.  These appear to be smaller than the originals and some have an altered paint application.  But, in person, the differences seem rather minute, especially to someone who may have wanted these masks for many years.

Retailing at around $57.00 each, they are a bit expensive.  But, considering that these could very well be the last creations from Don Post, this release is rather historic in the world of masks.  Because of the unusual conditions under which they were released, they are rather difficult to track down.  They have not, to our knowledge, made it to any physical retail locations.  However, limited quantities are available at various online retailers, including eBay.  If you are interested, securing an order in the near future may be in your best interest.

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