2 thoughts on “Alternate Witch Motionette (1988 Kmart Telco Stock Image)

  1. I am seeking a replacement pumpkin for my witch. Last year it fell and broke. I cherish this witch as it was a gift and beautiful decoration. I tried several places to no avail. I am hoping you can help me out. I appreciate what you can do for me. Hoping you can provide me with a replacement or tell me where I may get one. I am anxiously awaiting to hear from you with good news.Thank you sincerely for all your help.

    • Josephine, I am sorry to hear this! Unfortunately, I do not not have any replacement pumpkins. Short of buying another witch on eBay, there are few other options. However, if you can find a plastic or blow-molded pumpkin of a similar size in the stores this Halloween season, that may work. I have seen people get creative with replacements. Some folks who don’t have the original pumpkin, use those mini-pumpkin candy baskets they sell in the treat aisle. Other small, plastic or glass pumpkins may be another option. You just have to measure to ensure it will be large enough to house the bulb and the base. Best of luck!

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