Countdown to Halloween Begins… Weird Walmart

Greetings, foolish mortals!  Our official 2017 Countdown to Halloween begins today.  But, we want to make sure you have seen our special September post for the Universal Monsters “Monsterville” line of decor and costumes at Target.  These are, hands down, the most exciting finds of the season.

Today, however, we are highlighting another major retailer…  Walmart.  This year, their selection of scares is a bit disappointing, but there are some real treasures hidden in the eerie aisles.

First, is this amazing vintage-style black cat mask.  It’s backlit and glows bright.  It is much larger than the traditional vacuform masks of yesteryear, but a bit smaller than the wall masks offered by Retro-a-go-go… and a lot cheaper.  At less than ten bucks, it’s an absolute steal.

Backlit Vintage Mask

Backlit Vintage Mask


Next, we have two very vintage figures.  These items are real gems and a perfect price, coming in less than three dollars.

Vintage Walmart Halloween Figures

Vintage Walmart Halloween Figures


And finally, check out this great unlicensed Universal Monsters Rice Krispies Treats kit!  We’ll let you know how they turn out in a few weeks…

Rice Krispies Treats Monsters

Rice Krispies Treats Monsters

We’ll see you in a few days with another Halloween update.  Remember to stick with the Big Scare all October-long.  We’ll have more fun decorations, treats, and more that you will definitely want to add to your haunted house for 2017!



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