The Other Telco: The Economy Motion-ettes of Halloween


The following is a sub-article about the economy line of the Telco Motion-ettes of Halloween.  To read the full article on the history of Telco and the 24″ line of Motion-ettes, click here.

After the initial Side of 18 inch Telco Boxsuccess of the 24″ line, Telco opted to expand its offerings to a wider consumer base.  The 24″ electric Motion-ettes retailed at $69.99, a fairly hefty price for a Halloween decoration in the 1980s.  As such, Telco decided to create an economy line of animated figures that could be purchased by Halloween enthusiasts on a budget, thus the 18″ battery-operated Motion-ettes of Halloween were born.

The first wave of figures included smaller versions of the original Witch and Vampire, as well as smaller versions of the 1988 Monster and  Ghost.  This debut line varied greatly from the economy Motion-ettes that followed.  The most noticeable difference was the size of the lighted accessory each figure held.  The first wave had larger accessories than the versions that succeeded.  The second difference was that these figures included AC adapters, meaning that they could be powered by electricity in addition to batteries.  There were some minor variations in certain characters as well.  The hair on the first edition Witch resembled that of her 24″ counterpart, meaning it was fluffy.  She was later given curly hair.  It should also be noted that early editions of the Monster came equipped with a skull accessory as opposed to the more traditional lantern.  Over the years, the economy line became more standardized.  The AC adapters were phased out and the accessories became smaller.  The initial four figures continued to be produced and additional ones were added, including a green Beastman and a Skeleton, neither of which had accessories.  An alternate version of the Witch was introduced later on.  And, at one point, Telco was offering both its original Witch and the alternate Witch.  Lighted eyes and “spooky sounds” were trademarks of the 18″ line, with most of the figures coming with the iconic electronic wailing sound that defined Halloween in the early 1990s.

Once Telco acquired a license from Universal Studios, they debuted an 18″ line featuring official Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolf Man, and  Creature from the Black Lagoon figures.  The Bride of Frankenstein and the Mummy came out the following year, but neither were as big of sellers as the original four.  Some retailers carried 16″ variants, which causes confusion among collectors to this day.  These figures did away with the lighted accessories, but maintained the lighted eyes.  The electronic wailing was replaced with “life-like” laughter, moaning, roaring, and cackling, depending on the character.

In 1990, Telco debuted an intermediate line of Motion-ettes, slightly larger than the battery operated counterparts, but much smaller than the 24″ line.  These were electric-powered figures and included the aforementioned “life-like” sounds.  The Witch, Ghost, Vampire and Monster were part of this special line that is often confused with the other two on the secondary market.

To read the main article about the Telco Motion-ettes, the original animated figures of Halloween, and to learn about special figures released in the economy line, click here.

Spook Spotter: Disney Halloween Figurines

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CVS Pharmacy has been carrying a line of Disney Halloween figures for the past few years.  This year, they have a ”swell” grouping of Disney fan favorites.  Among this year’s line-up are FrankenGoof (or Goofenstein!) and Donald “Devil” Duck, both pictured below.  They are also carrying a Pumpkin King Mickey, Pumpkin Queen Minnie and a Pirate Pluto.  What other cool Disney Halloween merchandise have you spotted this year?

Spook Spotter: Disney Villains on Parade


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The mistresses of mayhem are on the loose this Halloween.  After a long absence, Disney’s most villainous ladies have returned in rather spectacular form.  The Disney Store is offering a variety of merchandise featuring their likenesses.  Maleficent, the Evil Queen, Ursula and Cruella de Vil are among the featured creatures.  Currently, Disney Stores are offering stationary, cards, plush, ornaments and figures of these Villains, as well as others.  (Two of these figures are pictured below.)

In addition, a special Designer Collection of Disney Villains will debut in September.  The crown jewel of this release is a six doll set featuring completely updated looks for the ladies of villainy.  You can read more information on this exclusive doll collection at Disney’s retail blog.

Remember, our daily Halloween updates begin Monday September 3.  We can’t wait to see you then!  In the meantime, tell us who your favorite Disney Villain is…  Add a comment below!

Toy Fair 2012 Monsters | Pictures of All the New Toys

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They have risen again.  Nearly 15 years ago, the Universal Monsters saw a resurrection from the grave with the introduction of Classic Monster Postage Stamps.  The stamp collection prompted the release of Universal Monster figures from a major toy studio – Hasbro – and eventually led to the impressive Sideshow Toy line of figures.Now, they’re back.

Two major toy companies have the license  and will be producing some great toys over the next few years.  The first, of course, is Diamond Select, which secured the license from Universal a few years back.  Since that point, Diamond has been issuing two Mego-style Monster figures in their “Retro-Cloth” series and three PVC Monster action figures every Halloween, along with a selection of Mini-Mates and alternative sculpts.  All of those lines are going to continue into the foreseeable future.

This year, Diamond will release two new “Retro-Cloth” figures:  The Bride of Frankenstein and the hotly anticipated Creature from the Black Lagoon.  The 2012 PVC figures include The Phantom of the Opera and Metaluna Mutant from This Island Earth.   The 2012 Mini-Mates include The Mummy and The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

In 2013, Diamond will release  new PVC action figures:  The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Mole People and a Boris Karloff Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Diamond is also planning on releasing a Frankenstein Bust Bank.

This year, Mezco also secured a Universal license and will be producing some terror-ific looking pieces.  They will be releasing three stylized figures of The Mummy, Frankenstein and The Creature from the Black Lagoon.  In addition, they will be releasing the Universal Monsters in their Living Dead Dolls series.  The first two will be Dracula and Frankenstein, both of which will be released in 2013.  The final product from the upcoming assortment will be a “Big Frankie” version of their stylized Frankenstein figure.

Let us hope that Mezco will also take on the concept of playsets and introduce all of our favorite characters as small action figures with accompanying “scenes” and “play environments”.  But time will tell…

Another exciting story out of Toy Fair 2012 is that the characters of Mad Monster Party will finally be released in action figure format.  This long-anticipated toy series will be coming from Diamond Select.  Wave 1 will include Boris Karloff’s Baron Boris von Frankenstein, the character of Count Dracula as well as that of the Frankenstein Monster.  Surely, all of our other favorite Monsters are waiting in the wings…

Finally, Diamond will also be producing new Munsters figures, in addition to “Silver Screen” versions of the first series.