Halloween Treats: Little Debbie Bat Brownies

The following does not constitute an endorsement of any product or retailer.   It is for information purposes only.

We here at The Big Scare are always looking forward to new Halloween treats.  And this year, the folks at Little Debbie have already supplied us with some — Bat Brownies!  While we must confess we were addicted to Little Debbie’s pumpkin pastries for a bit, we recovered and were able to move on with our lives.  Now Little Debbie has released this new Halloween-themed goodie.  We tried to resist making the purchase, but couldn’t.  While we were certain that the Bat Brownies tasted like traditional chocolate-flavored, pre-packaged pastries, the shape sold us and we had to pick up a package.

While we were right about the flavor and texture, and we still wish that the frosting would have been a little creamier, the unique design of these treats made us content with our purchase.  Each package comes with 6 individually wrapped chocolate “bats.”  So while they probably wouldn’t work for the millions of Treaters that come to your door on Halloween night, they may work well as a special treat in your child’s lunch or as a spooky indulgence on your part… especially if you are a recovering pumpkin pastry-aholic, like the authors of this article.

If you should pick these up, share your thoughts in the comments.  If not, tell us the name of your favorite Halloween treat below!