Spook Spotter: Scary Halloween Miniatures from Michael’s


If you haven’t purchased your ceramic black Christmas tree from Michael’s yet, it’s probably too late.  The vintage-inspired tabletop tree from Mr. Halloween (Mr. Christmas) is reportedly gone at many locations across the country.  They have literally flown off the shelves.  But there’s still plenty of other goodies in store this year that are just as ghoulishly great.

Take for example, these Halloween Miniatures from the Tiny Treasures line.  These are the best ones ever released at Michael’s, and some of the best miniatures/Halloween village accessories ever created.

Tiny Treasures Michael's Halloween Miniatures Miniature Figures Village Accessories

Tiny Treasures Michael’s Halloween Miniatures


Ranging in price from $4.00 to $8.00, the miniatures are spectacular in detail.  A haunted carriage is one of the larger accessories you can purchase.  It is available for $15.00.

The best of the lot are the witch with the cauldron and the mysterious reaper with the crystal ball.

Tiny Treasures Michael's Halloween Miniatures Miniature Figures Village Accessories

Tiny Treasures Michael’s Village Accessories


These are selling fast, so head down to your local Michael’s and grab your favorites before they’re gone!

Tiny Treasures Michael's Halloween Miniatures Miniature Figures Village Accessories

Michael’s Halloween Miniatures

The Greatest Halloween Packaging of All Time


In the history of mass-produced Halloween decorations, there have been many remarkable boxes and packages that have housed decorations both stellar and less-than-stellar.  However, there is no artwork that matches this beautifully macabre scene.


Behold the morbid and the macabre!  What sort of heinous decoration could be housed in such a gruesome box?  There are bats, skeletons, zombie hands, graves, mausoleums, and spider webs…  and this is only the bottom of the box!


Gruesome Ghoul Artwork

Gah!  Look at that drooling ghoul in his eternal shroud!  And what is that, a toppled cross below him?  This must really be some sort of sick and demented decoration.  But wait!  There’s more!


Gruesome Ghoul Artwork

This must be the grimmest of reapers!  Look at that snake protruding from his eye socket!   He’s even wearing another serpent as a scarf!  Could whatever is inside this box be as terrifying as this?  Could it ever live up to the utter fear that this image inspires?

Believe it or not, this packaging is from a company called Funny Toys.  Funny Toys.  There doesn’t seem to be anything funny about this box.  Perhaps they should’ve called themselves “Great Packaging” instead.  Okay.  Okay.  You have waited long enough.  Here’s the big reveal, the “funny toy” that was inside of this petrifying packaging…


1990 Funny Toys “Spooky Coffin” Animated Figure


Behold the Spooky Coffin, released in 1990!  For 1990, this probably was a pretty gruesome Halloween decoration: a miniature coffin, a vampire rising from it, creepy creaking sounds, menacing music playing, and evil laughter.  Taking all that into consideration, it was pretty advanced for its time.  One thing is for certain, they don’t make ’em like they used to…  And that includes the packaging!


Halloween Cardboard Die-Cut Gallery: Creatures of the Night


The Big Scare is proud to announce the final installment of this year’s Halloween Cardboard Die-Cut Gallery.  We hope you have enjoyed all of the frightening images you have seen here.  We will be back with even more images next year.  Until then, take in the terror-ific sights of these Halloween frights.  We’ll be back in two days with another post.


Spook Spotter: Grave Surprises, Franken-Families and More!


Big Scare spook spotter

Ghastly Greetings, Boils and Ghouls!   We’re baaaaaaaaaaaack with some of the best products available for purchase this Halloween season.

The following does not constitute an endorsement of any product or retailer.   It is for information purposes only.

Grave Solution

Hands down, the best tabletop animated Halloween prop available this year can be found at The Home Depot.  (A similar prop is also available at CVS).  Behold, the rising Grim Reaper and tombstone!


Rising Grim Reaper Tabletop Animation

This beautiful, animated table-top piece is reminiscent of the old Telco Motion-ettes and the 1990s Gemmy line of animated figures.  It features a Grim Reaper that pops up from inside a gravestone.  When you push the button or make a loud sound, the Reaper will rise from the grave and utter eerie phrases of doom, accompanied by a soundtrack of haunting music and crashing thunder.  Not only do the Reaper’s eyes illuminate, the tombstone also puts on a fairly elaborate light show, probably intended to be lightning to go with all of that scary thunder.

There are also some other great items out there that we feel you have to know about, including a set of Wilton candy cake decorations featuring Frankenstein, the Bride, and their family.  These can be purchased at Target.  Another must-mention item is the Halloween party plate and napkin set that is available for purchase at Rite Aid.  Check ’em out!

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And let us know what cool products you have found this year by leaving a message in the creepy Comments section below!

The Other Telco: The Economy Motion-ettes of Halloween


The following is a sub-article about the economy line of the Telco Motion-ettes of Halloween.  To read the full article on the history of Telco and the 24″ line of Motion-ettes, click here.

After the initial Side of 18 inch Telco Boxsuccess of the 24″ line, Telco opted to expand its offerings to a wider consumer base.  The 24″ electric Motion-ettes retailed at $69.99, a fairly hefty price for a Halloween decoration in the 1980s.  As such, Telco decided to create an economy line of animated figures that could be purchased by Halloween enthusiasts on a budget, thus the 18″ battery-operated Motion-ettes of Halloween were born.

The first wave of figures included smaller versions of the original Witch and Vampire, as well as smaller versions of the 1988 Monster and  Ghost.  This debut line varied greatly from the economy Motion-ettes that followed.  The most noticeable difference was the size of the lighted accessory each figure held.  The first wave had larger accessories than the versions that succeeded.  The second difference was that these figures included AC adapters, meaning that they could be powered by electricity in addition to batteries.  There were some minor variations in certain characters as well.  The hair on the first edition Witch resembled that of her 24″ counterpart, meaning it was fluffy.  She was later given curly hair.  It should also be noted that early editions of the Monster came equipped with a skull accessory as opposed to the more traditional lantern.  Over the years, the economy line became more standardized.  The AC adapters were phased out and the accessories became smaller.  The initial four figures continued to be produced and additional ones were added, including a green Beastman and a Skeleton, neither of which had accessories.  An alternate version of the Witch was introduced later on.  And, at one point, Telco was offering both its original Witch and the alternate Witch.  Lighted eyes and “spooky sounds” were trademarks of the 18″ line, with most of the figures coming with the iconic electronic wailing sound that defined Halloween in the early 1990s.

Once Telco acquired a license from Universal Studios, they debuted an 18″ line featuring official Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolf Man, and  Creature from the Black Lagoon figures.  The Bride of Frankenstein and the Mummy came out the following year, but neither were as big of sellers as the original four.  Some retailers carried 16″ variants, which causes confusion among collectors to this day.  These figures did away with the lighted accessories, but maintained the lighted eyes.  The electronic wailing was replaced with “life-like” laughter, moaning, roaring, and cackling, depending on the character.

In 1990, Telco debuted an intermediate line of Motion-ettes, slightly larger than the battery operated counterparts, but much smaller than the 24″ line.  These were electric-powered figures and included the aforementioned “life-like” sounds.  The Witch, Ghost, Vampire and Monster were part of this special line that is often confused with the other two on the secondary market.

To read the main article about the Telco Motion-ettes, the original animated figures of Halloween, and to learn about special figures released in the economy line, click here.

Tombstone Halloween Pizzas 2012

The following does not constitute an endorsement of any product or retailer.   It is for information purposes only.

Every year, Tombstone releases a new series of Halloween-themed pizzas.  For the past few years, the pizzas have featured a variety of characters from Dracula to Frankenstein.  This year’s assortment features a cool werewolf, a Grim Reaper, and a jack-o’-lantern.

We’ve made these easy-to-bake frozen pizzas a staple of Halloween night.  Between the door-busting Treaters and the spooky movies, it’s hard to prepare a big feast.  That’s why we think these “official pizzas of Halloween” are ideal for the most special night of the year.  What do you eat on All Hallows’ Eve?

Spook Spotter: Dollar Finds: Paper Monsters Play Set

The following does not constitute an endorsement of any product or retailer.   It is for information purposes only.

While browsing through the 99¢ Only Store, we stumbled on a most amazing phenomenon…something so incredible, we mistrust our own judgement.  Look!

What you see above is a very unique item featuring great looking monsters and a cool haunted house.  And while we aren’t entirely certain what it is supposed to be, we decided to call it a Monster play set.  Despite the fact that the package insists this is not a toy, we are uncertain what else it could be.  Oh, of course, they can call it a “centerpiece” all they want, but with 8 stand-up monster figures and a haunted house, a paper play set is more likely.

Included with the haunted house are small cutout figures: a vampire, werewolf, Grim Reaper, witch, mummy, skeleton, scary scarecrow, and a Frankenstein Monster who will look awfully familiar to many a monster kid.

Take a look at this beauty for yourself at your local 99¢ Only.  Well that’s a wrap for September.  Join us next week as we kick off October with The Big Scare’s Halloween Activities Week – 2012 edition.